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January 21, 2018

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Bridal Makeup, naturally flawless skin - Ellinda Makeup Artist Melbourne

November 17, 2016

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Choosing your makeup and hair for your wedding day - Ellinda Makeup Artist Melbourne

February 6, 2017

Your wedding day is an important day and you want to look beautiful and also feel beautiful. When coming to choosing how you want your hair and makeup on your wedding day, it can be a hard decision!


Things that you need to think about are;

- Your personal style every day

- How do you normally wear your makeup and hair

- Do you have anything else planned e.g.. flowers, dress, venue, theme? That you can use to help make your decision.


You can leave is to your Makeup Artist - When consulting your makeup artist and hair stylist tell them about your big day e.g.. what flowers you're having or what style of dress you like or already have. A makeup artist can tailor a look to suit you. All these contributing factors as well as your skin type and personal style will help your artist decide on a plan.


Or you can decide on a look - If you would like to decide on a look for yourself think about your normal regime. Your every day personal style should be something you think about. If you are somebody who never wears makeup maybe deciding to choose a dramatic makeup look for your big day isn't going to make you feel so comfortable when you walk down the aisle. On your wedding day you want to look special but most people don't want to look so different that nobody recognises them! 

Natural - I always try and tailor a look that is a little more dramatic then the client's personal style. I recommend that even if you are quite natural a makeup artist still needs to do a base, neutral eyeshadows, blush/cream

blush, mascara and natural false lashes always define the eye beautifully without looking fake. Glowy or dewy skin is always a good option for a natural look as it doesn't look too powdered and ageing. 

Dramatic - If you are wanting a more defined and dramatic look. Start to look up visual references as they are always better than trying to explain. Google and Pinterest are at your finger tips! Find 2 or 3 images of makeup and hair you really love and then find 2 or so images of makeup and hair you don't like. All of this will help you explain what you are going for on the day or for your trial.

Be realistic - don't choose a hair style that is good for thick long hair if you have fine medium length hair. Unless you are happy to go the whole hog and buy extensions etc. If you are unsure, consult your makeup artist and hair stylist so they can give you a realistic view on what can be achieved and what suits you best.

Styled/themed - If you are having a themed wedding for example "vintage" look up references from 40s, 50s and 60s and also look up other vintage weddings from current day. Don't worry if you don't like exactly what makeup and hair people wore in the 50s as a makeup artist can take parts of this style to give you a vintage style look. 

Below are some images that may help you decide what's best for you, run your mouse over the image to see what sort of style it is....














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