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January 21, 2018

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Bridal Makeup, naturally flawless skin - Ellinda Makeup Artist Melbourne

November 17, 2016

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Beautiful skin everyday - Ellinda Makeup Artist Melbourne

A question I get asked a lot is "what is the best foundation?"

In a short answer.... I don’t know... But! here is my advice on how to get the best out of yor skin...

The perfect everyday foundation to make your skin look fresh, flawless and natural has many contributing factors, one of them being you, and we are all different! Today I'm talking about getting a fresh and natural look for your everyday makeup. The "#I woke up like this" fresh face look is very in right now, nobody wants to look like they've sprayed with a makeup gun.. I don’t anyway!

So lets talk skin!


#PREP- Preparing the skin for makeup is SO important! 


You want to start with very clean skin! So ladies wash your makeup off properly before bed! Eye makeup, lipstick.. everything! A good micellar water is great for removing everything, if you wear waterproof eye makeup use an oil remover. I love Garnier waterproof eye makeup remover, its also great for removing long wear lipstick.

After this, do your cleansing, toning and all that jazz AND moisturise!

You want a good eye cream and night cream or moisturiser to match your skin type.

I love Kiehl's products and they are great at helping you choose the right product for you.


Ok so now it's morning you've had your shower, you're in the bathroom about to put your makeup on. You want to prep your skin by;


COLD WATER- Splash your face with cold water or even better use a face washer and cold water and give your skin a firm wipe all over. Especially around your nose, chin and forehead. The cold water and face washer will help settle your skin, remove dry skin and close your pores.


HYDRATE- Firstly if your lips a dry put some balm or paw paw ointment on them, this will give it time to work while you are doing everything else.

Now you want to moisturise your skin, using small gentle circular finger motions. Really get the blood flowing and don't miss any areas like around your nose.

Even if you have oily skin, you should still moisturise. Talk to your skin specialist about what product is good for your skin. Again I love Kiehl's products and they can help with recommending something for you.


PRIME- Use you favorite primer now, YES it is different to your moisturiser! I use MAC primer, it is a silica based product which will help smooth pores and texture in your skin. It will also give a good base for your makeup to grab to and will help your makeup last longer. You want to use your primer sparingly, maybe a pea size amount for your whole face and really work it into the skin, especially around cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. You should feel the product get a little slippery on your skin when you have worked it in enough.




Ok so now we reach the main attraction! Your foundation!

If you have reasonably good skin, blemish free and no extreme redness. I absolutely recommend you only using a tinted moisturiser applied with your fingers and then using a concealer in a few areas (which I will get to next). This is because my best advice for everybody is "if you don’t need it, don’t use it!"

A tinted moisturiser will even out your skin tone without giving too much coverage and it will keep your natural tone. If you have a few freckles, we want to see them! This will help with giving you a more natural, youthful look.

Obviously if you really hate your freckles, you can use a heavier coverage however,

I love freckles and when ever I do runway shows designers never want freckles covered! They are always on trend.

If you have small blemished areas, and or extreme redness in small areas then I would recommend using a BB cream using your fingers to apply. This will be a little heavier than your tinted moisturiser and don’t worry we will be concealing those blemishes and redness next.

If you have acne or large areas of blemishes and redness.

Now in this situation I recommend a full coverage foundation. MAC studio fix fluid is also a silica based product so it will help with evening texture and it will cover your redness.

I would encourage you to use a good foundation brush with acrylic fibers (because you are using a wet product). Put a 5-10 cent size amount of foundation on the back of your hand pat your brush into the foundation on your hand so one side of the brush is covered in foundation. Now apply to face, starting on the cheeks and going in a downward motion, you want to go from cheeks to chin than the sides of jaws and lastly your forehead and nose. Keep brushing down and away until your face and neck is evenly covered. Always in a downward motion as this will ensure all the little hairs on your face are going in same direction. You will get brush marks, to remove pat your brush over these areas until they disappear or use a beauty blender sponge  to even out brush strokes. You can also use your finger in a patting motion to get rid of some brush strokes.

Using a brush with product like this will ensure less product wastage, and a more professional finish.




So after your chosen foundation lets talk concealer! It’s so important, and can be hard to choose the right one. Concealer to conceal blemishes or redness should be matched to your foundation or just slightly lighter, definitely not darker as this will oxidize over the day and people will see it in different lighting. We conceal after foundation not before, the theory of concealing before foundation comes from stronger makeup techniques such as for; theatre, film, and stage makeup. Also putting your foundation over the top will rub off your concealer and look less natural. 


Now concealer for under your eyes to cover darkness and circles should be a peach based colour and slightly darker than you foundation. Yes this means you will have 2 concealers but if you have very dark circles under you eyes it’s worth it believe me!

The reason we want it to be a peachy colour is this will help to cover the blue/purple colour under the eyes. Some makeup artists may say that you need a yellow based concealer for under the eyes but this does not help with the blue colour under the eyes and can leave you looking grey under there. A lot of concealers that are peach based have "beige" or "warm" in the name. Basically you want to choose one that is a mix between a yellow and pink base. It needs to be slightly darker or the same as your foundation. If it's lighter it wont be dark enough to cover your circles and you will end up looking grey under there, and we hate that!

I think the best concealers are liquid, most of the time a lot of the cream or mousse consistency concealers can dry like powder and leave skin looking unnatural.

MAC select SPF concealer is one of my favorites! It's liquid and then sets on the skin at a really natural consistency.


Use your ring finger to put your face concealer on, pat it on the areas you want to conceal. These areas will include any blemishes or redness and around the nose, eye lids and on your chin. 

Apply your under eye concealer in the same way on the inner corners of the eyes and under your eyes, on the dark circles only.




If you have oily skin I would definitely use a translucent powder or if you are very busy during the day and want your makeup to last I would do a light dusting too. Focusing on eyelids, around nose and forehead.

If you have dry skin you may not want to use powder and that is fine, there are no rules, experiment and see what work best.


So now you have a base! This may seem like a lot, but really it’s all in the technique and your preparation.

For an everyday look I would just put some mascara, cream blush and a gloss to finish you off.Or if you are going out, add a bright lipstick  for a chic fashionable look. Good luck! Remember less is more!



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