Ellinda Corbisiero 2017


Congratulations! You're engaged! You have found one very special person to spend the rest of your life with.. 

Your wedding makeup and hair styling is very important to you, and you have possibly imagined it many times before. In your mind, you envision that your skin is glowing and radiant. You know you want to look fresh, beautiful and flawless. 


Let Ellinda who is professionally trained in bridal hair & makeup, create and tailor an individual look for you and your bridal party. Your wedding day is a time when you want your makeup and hair to look beautiful and professional. Most of all bride's want to feel confident and still feel like themselves. 

Being an experienced professional with over a decade of makeup and hair industry experience, Ellinda will make you feel at ease and relaxed while providing you with a professional service. Ellinda will also add a little bit of fun to your wedding day or special occasion.

To hire Ellinda for your event, please contact Ellinda